Steve Dangle shares his picks for plays of the week in the NHL. He goes over everything from Leon Draisaitl and Joe Pavelski each scoring four goals in one playoff game to the Florida Panthers running riot on the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The Jays Care Foundation found the winner of Amazing April’s 50/50 Jackpot grand prize.

Identified by the team only as “Deb” from the Hamilton, Ont., region, “a self-described huge Blue Jays fan” claimed the life-changing $2.8 million prize, it was announced on Tuesday.

Founded in 1992, Jays Care Foundation is a public fundraising organization that promotes baseball to teach children essential skills such as teamwork, leadership and resiliency.

The foundation’s aim is to create “a level playing field for all children and youth across Canada.”

During last season’s Super September jackpot, one fan walked away with a grand prize of more than $3.9 million, the largest jackpot total in MLB history.